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Intangible Transportations: From East New York to Soho

As time marches on, the ability to travel to an incredible range of destinations becomes increasingly easier. The Internet has brought this facility of transportation to a new level. With a quick click, we can evade the actual space we occupy and feed the desire for an instant escape. Intangible Transportations creates a parallel between the ability of digital media to “move” us beyond our physical world and the seemingly inherent human urge to experience something beyond our everyday experience. James Feraciour’s QR code inspired pieces anchor the exhibit by serving as a symbol of digital transportation to the homelands of Yukiko Tsushima, Sandra Mack-Valencia and Nurieh Mozaffari. However, what we find upon our arrival are not static scenes of Japan, Colombia and Iran. These destinations are ultimately voyages in and of themselves.


Participating artists were all selected for the exhibition’s original mounting at ARTs East New York, a small community arts center and gallery that has managed to draw support from artists all over the world.  Pieces chosen all explore notions of space, movement, and place in the context of virtual geography.  Yukiko Tsushima’s uses acrylic, pastel, pencil, and gold leaf to grapple with grief, most notably in her depictions of crying women whom she describes as needing “tears as a catharsis to transcend [their] pain.” Sandra Mack-Valencia uses acrylic, inks and print transfers to draw forth dream-like characters, partly based in reality and partly fantastical, from nebulous negative space. Nurieh Mozaffari’s acrylic paintings range from figurative to abstract explorations of shape, color, and space in order to create what she calls a “possibility space,” often inspired by Iranian classical music or poetry. The digital paintings of James Feraciour sample from photographs in order to create abstract color arrangements that symbolize a myriad of subjects ranging from emotions to geographical locations.

The exhibit has its second opening tomorrow at ISE Cultural Foundation from 6-8pm and will be on view through April 27th.


Written by Erika Pettersen


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