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Seen on the Street: Love Stories Suck!

This graffitti quote in Hell’s Kitchen caught my eye last week:

Love Stories Suck

Love Stories Suck

A few hours later, a talented photographer friend of mine, Benjamin Mobley posted a very similiar picture on his Instagram, shot in SoHo. It turns out that these street inscriptions are being spotted all over the city, with some including Basquiat-inspired imagery. Have any New Yorkers out there seen this? Leave us a message if you have!

For more photos, follow editor Nicole Casamento’s Instagram.


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Written by Nicole Casamento

Nicole Casamento is the founder of Culture Grinder.


2 Responses to Seen on the Street: Love Stories Suck!

  1. Thanks for including a link to the pictures I took in New York for the Basquiat-inspired imagery. YAY!!! I used to write for Argot&Ochre, but now I’ve started my own video blog: Hi I’m Daniel . TV

    • Nicole Casamento says:

      Hi Daniel! Was happy to include it–thanks for taking it! Glad to be connected and look forward to following your work. Perhaps we could collaborate sometime…Cheers!

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