Developing a realistic career plan
in my years of school is essential for personal growth and goal achievement. The
purpose of this paper is to use the Donner-Wheeler Career Planning and
Development Model to assist in building my nursing career goal and prepare for
job seeking.

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Career Vision and Goal

                 I walk out of my apartment in
Downtown Toronto on a bright and early morning. I am a surgical nurse working
at Toronto General Hospital, a world renown organization committed to the
health of patients, research and education. I work in the General Surgery
Inpatient Unit, as I care for complex patients whom require critical thinking
skills. I work with highly-skilled and supportive professionals who ensure quality
client-centered care. My goal is to specialize in perioperative nursing. As I am
a firm believer in continuous learning, I am constantly involved in many
projects held, as I contribute towards the betterment of this unit. My peers
describe me as a passionate nurse who is an active listener in patient care, while
establishing therapeutic nurse-client relationships. At the end of the day I
walk home, reflecting on the differences I’ve made in patients’ lives, as well
as what I can improve on for the next day.  


            Being enrolled in the
nursing program, I have learned a lot about myself and how I have changed from the
first day of class. My values, however are the same and have helped me enhance
my skills in clinical practice. To start off, one of my crucial values is
cultural competence. I personally believe in a “no-judgement zone”, as I like
to put my biases aside with people. This has been beneficial towards my
clinical experience, as I was able to build trust between myself and patients
as well as their families. My experience working in the surgical inpatient
unit, was definitely the most meaningful to me, as I had learned to build
resilience and 


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