A feel. The artist used the form of painting

 A Sunday on La Grande Jatte is a painting full of rich colors that reflects both the time period and Georges Seurat impressionist style. It depicts realistic experiences of people at that time having a relaxing Sunday in a park. In the focal point of the painting, there is a little girl that is dressed in a white dress. Everyone is faced to the left, towards the river except this little girl. Every figure in the painting casts a shadow. Everyone can be seen engaging in some sort of activity. There is a intensify sense of light in the midground and background, but shade in the foreground. Space is being created in the painting but not by overlapping as seen in paintings prior to this time period. All the figures are evenly spaced out. Color is evident in this painting by the deep greens that are used for the trees and grass. Color is also used in this painting to give viewers the feeling of how a Sunday should feel. The artist used the form of painting called divisionism or most commonly known today as pointillism. He was the first to use such form at this time.


 A Sunday on La Grande Jatte was one of the paintings in the salon of independence. The salon of independence was created by a group of artists who were unhappy with the salon conservative nature. The subjects of his paintings in the 1880’s was, inspired by the impressionist theme but unlike the impressionist and other artists, he depicted modern life in an intellectual way. He focused mainly on color analysis, and their systematical organization order. By doing this he created a system he called divisionism, which is carefully separating colors into its component parts. The artist then applies these companies to the canvas in tiny points. By doing this the art only becomes comprehensible from a distance when the viewer’s eyes are set to do the blending that was traditionally done by the artist on the canvas.      

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This painting is important because of its development and style. The artist use of divisionism was seen as something new and unique at this time, because of this people found the art fascinating and cool.



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