Abstract: Neuromarketing: Acquistition of EEG signals led to the


The Electroencephalographic (EEG) signals are those which records
the electrical status of the human brain.The signal pattern varies according to
the chemical reaction in the human brain.  The recorded waveforms reflect the cortical electrical activity.
EEG activity is quite small, measured in microvolts (mV). Acquistition of the EEG signal can be used in
many research fields. Depending on the frequency of obtained signal it can be
classified into five types they are: delta, theta, alpha and beta.

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The brain is the most complex part in the human body. It
controls the overall activity of our body, it consist of billions of neurons
which communicates with each other in achieving it. Inside the human brain
there will be a lot of chemical reaction taking place in it.The evolution of
the EEG signals took place in 1929.Hans Berger was the first scientist to found
about the EEG signals and on the later stages it found a drastic improvement in
the research about the various fields.The different types of brain waves have
specific frequency such as beta(14-30hz), alpha(8-13hz), theta(4-7hz) and delta


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