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Do you know that as of 2010 there were 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide? Islam is one of the more popular religions in the world. That would not be possible if it weren’t for how well Islam spread hundreds of years before. Islam was able to spread due to Trading, Military Campaigns, and a Organized Government with central beliefs. Since Islam spread throughout Northern Africa and Europe, it would be able to be defined as the Postclassical era since that means ” a spread of major religions across Asia, Europe, and Africa.” Islam wouldn’t become what it is now without the religions followers and the teachings of Muhammad, the founder of the religion. The Islamic people relied on trade to live and prosper, many of the routes were leading back to Mecca. The Muslims had food, crops, technology and ideas to trade. Along with that, they had works in philosophy, literature, mathematics, and science, which brought around more people. According to Document A, Mecca was the main center of trade for the Middle East, giving  lots of people exposure to the Islamic Religion. Exposure to the religion was due to the sight of the  Ka’ba which would bring lots of people into Mecca for their Hajj. People might grow to  like the religion and want to convert after seeing so many loyal Muslims. Furthermore, as Muslims traded with other countries such as Spain, India, Iraq and China, they easily shared their beliefs and ideas.The Islamic people were able to spread their region through military campaigns by extending their boundaries beyond the Arabian Peninsula. The Muslims went about doing this by attacking Persia and Byzantine when they were weak.  The two counties were tired and from years of war so they had no defense against the Muslims raid. According to document E, the Muslims “Waged a holy war against those who, after having been invited to accept Islam, persist in rejecting it”. Essentially, The Muslims forced others to join their religion or fight them. In Document F, many of the Hims joined the Muslims in helping to fight against the Byzantines. The Hims liked their rule better than the, “State of oppression and tyranny” that they were previously under. By extending their territory, and forcing others to convert, the Muslims were able to spread their religion. Many people  decided to join Islam because they saw a stable government with expectations that were reasonable and fair. The Caliph served as a spiritual ruler and leader of the Muslim community. People from other religions were even allowed to practice their non-Muslim religion if they payed a special tax called a jizyah and followed Muslim laws. The Qur’an contains examples of how people should act. In Document B, it states that “Whoever killed a human being, except as punishment for murder…, shall be deemed as killing all mankind”. It also states that “Do not devour one another’s property by unjust means, nor bribe the judges with it in order that you may wrongfully and knowingly take other people’s possessions”. The Qur’an also allows believers to fight back if they are attacked and have been wronged. In all, the Muslims get their governing principles from the Islam religion that is overseen by the Caliph. In conclusion, Islam was able to spread due to Trading, Military Campaigns, and a Organized Government with central beliefs. The principals that Muhammad outlined from his interaction with the archangel Gabriel. These verses that  are listed in the Qur’an are still what Islamic people follow present day. These principals reward those who do good as seen from a quote in Document B, “God will bestow forgiveness and rich recommence (reward). That seems to be why the religion is liked and followed by so many people. 


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