Highly 24hrs in error-prone manual process. Develops continuous improvement

Highly skilled in developing programs andprocedures that have delivered significant results such as designing and architecting the Cerebrohttp://go/cerebro application into multiple micro-services which enable the team to develop and release business-critical features in a more independent way within very less amount of time. This enabled the business team not only to meet their forecasting goal of $96 million but surpassed to $126 million.Designed, developed, tested and deployed new module in Cerebro application which deals with Google Doubleclick Bid ManagerDBM deal assignments. This helps the business team to bid for new ads within few minutes when compared to 24hrs in error-prone manual process. Develops continuous improvement methods with respect to system architecture and project/product process improvements such as establishing my previous team to use git hub PR process more effectively thus holding team members accountable for their own results.Develops strong procedul strategies such as weekly one concierge for application support that led to significant reduction of IM clutter for rest of the team members.Hold an ability to learn quickly and adapt swiftly to changing environments.Examples in technology domain include Chef->OpenStack->Kubernetes, Jenkins->Drone and Svn->Git.Always shares the learning experience with peers by giving demos and pointing to right learning sources. Examples include Drone, Docker, Kubernetes, SpringBoot Microservices, QueryDSL, and Gatling.Understands the needs of others and co-operate with the team whenever necessary and also appreciating them accordingly when needed.Does a solid contribution to the renewed development and maturity of the product by owning the complete end to end continuous integration and continuous deployment CI&CD pipeline using Drone and Kubernetes. This helped the team to fail fast and recover fast with constant iterations.Turns difficulties into possibilities. When there is a huge increase in the number of UI stories and a potential bottleneck happened due to fewer UI engineers, I learned a new front end technology i.e. AngularJS and delivered the new web interface for the Cerebro application on my own. A significant contributor to the new automation portal GitHub organization and created all foundational code repositories needed by the team to re-use in developing new micro-services.Develops innovative procedures such as using Netflix Hystrix module while developing new logging service in automation portal which helps to use the new micro service approach as well as existing DB approach as fallback both simultaneously.


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