I skills: Which one is more important? I choose

I decided to write on hard skills vs. soft skills: Which one is more important? I choose this topic because depending on the career path you choose is going to determine which one is more important. In my mind and how I was thinking was your job is all hard skills, some hard skill, and some soft skill, or all soft skills. My interest in this topic came about when I started working in healthcare. I think this topic is a great thing to consider because I think knowing the difference between soft and hard skills are important. My opinion I always leaned towards having hard skills are more important because I feel like to get a better job or if there’s something you want to do in life you need some sort of degree to back it up, I feel as if you could only go so far in life with just soft skills.

The first category would be all hard skills, as we know hard skills is defined as teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy to quantify. You learn hard skills in the classroom, through books or other training materials, or on the job training. Examples of hard skills are degrees, being fluent in another language, WPM and so on. So this would be people with careers such as physicists, doctors, you need hard skills and little soft skills. I sometimes list myself in the categories because I feel as if I have more hard skills than soft skills. I have my CNA, QMAP, Pharmacy Technician license, and even my high school diploma is a hard skill. With these hard skills, the rules stay the same regardless of which company, circumstance or people you work with. Let’s take being a pharmacy technician for example.  The rules for how you can be good at counting pills, and triple checking it and making sure you have the right dosage and making sure you make sure you have the brand or generic is the same regardless of where you work. These are typically where you see brilliant people who may not easily work well with others, but they can still be very successful in their career. In these particular jobs setting you need to get a diploma or a degree, or even a license to even be considered for the job.

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            The second category would be some soft skills and some soft skills. With this category you have your accountants and lawyers; they need both hard and soft skills. This is because they need to know the rules of their career, but they also depend on selling to clients to build a successful career.  Dealing well with clients requires soft skills such as communication skills, and building a relationship with the client.

            The third category is all soft skills. Soft skills are defined as are interpersonal skills. These are much harder to define and evaluate. These are people such as car salesman they need more soft skills than hard skills because you don’t have to know anything about selling cars as long as you know how to communicate, pitch your sales, read customers, and close your deal you can become a very successful car salesman. Soft skills include communication skills, listening skills, and empathy, among others.

Even after doing the research I still think that hard skills are more important than soft skills because you could get a better job because you would have something tangible to back it. I believe that I wouldn’t have been able to get the jobs that I have gotten without having some education or degree to back it up. I took myself for example with this topic, my hard skills are I have a certificate for QMAP & CNA, and a licensed Pharmacy Technician, speaking a foreign language, typing fast, and date entry. Your hard skills are often listed on your resume so when an employer is reviewing your application its easily spotted. Hard skills are often measured and evaluated and will continue to get evaluated throughout to career especially if you come up for a promotion. Employers also use hard skills to compare candidates against each other to see who the best one to hire is. 


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