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Studying abroad at the University of Melbourne will be a pivotal stride in actualizing my personal, professional and academic ambitions to the fullest potential.  

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My intellectual curiosity about Australian culture propels me to pursue this exchange opportunity.  Ultimately, I am excited to flourish in an environment that is known for their culturally diverse community. Studying at the University of Melbourne would allow me the opportunity to fully utilize this cultural mosaic to gain new insights and a global perspective. In addition to my profound interest in exploring a new culture, I am also keen to learn how to be independent and to live on my own. As a commuter student at UBC, I have yet to experience living by myself without the comfort of home or the security of my parents for prolonged periods of time. I view exchange as an opportunity for personal development through exposure to difficulties such as homesickness and budgeting living expenses which I may not encounter at home. It is my hope to return back to Vancouver with newfound perspective and confidence in my own capabilities.

The prospect of studying in Australia first piqued my interest after hearing about my father’s success in expanding his car shipping company in the Adelaide area. The inextricable connection to the many business accolades whom my father associates with has allowed me to access the insights of successful business owner’s on how to best own and operate a business which is a potential career choice for me. My newfound mentors have also dispensed plenty pf pertinent advice on how to proceed with my credentials as a young professional while exposing me to the many marketing and logistics opportunities in Australia. My beneficent relationship with my mentors have changed my perception of Australia as the destination for career expansion and personal growth since. Rife with business opportunities, Melbourne is the target destination for me to apply the knowledge I have learnt in Sauder while representing UBC positively in an international context while studying abroad.

Not only do I plan to advance myself professionally but also academically. Indeed, the University of Melbourne offers a wide range of transferable courses pertinent to my projected double major in marketing and logistics. As well I plan to take a full course load equivalent to 15 UBC credits to satisfy my overarching goal of graduating on time by April 2020. An all rounded student, I intend for my academic career to flourish not only in the classroom but also outside by integrating myself into the student society and to network with potential business associates through fun and intellectually stimulating school clubs such as The Overseas Commerce Students’ Society (OCSS) and the Marketing Intelligence Club (MINT).

Therefore, extensive research of all available programs, I am confident that studying commerce at the University of Melbourne is an ideal match to my needs- aligning directly with my personal, professional and academic goals outlined above.


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