Peat Kuala Langat river basin catchment advanced 2350 km2

Peat is a natural soil which contains of high natural fabric due it’s far shaped from the buildup of soil residues from a few rot flowers and disintegration of plant and organic subjects. Tropical lowland peat is a prevailingscene within the Indo-Malayan area. It represents around seventy two % of the global peatland and includesmangrove forest, peat swamp forests and freshwater swamp forests. these woodland are portrayed by way ofexcessive terrestrial and aquatic biodiversity (xmas, 2010). In Malaysia, the location included through peat deposit was about 3 million hectares or eight% of the entire place of Malaysia (Huat et al., 2014). The peat development in Selangor, Peninsular, Malaysia have a propensity to occur in the river basins of Selangor River inside the north and Langat River inside the south. Kuala Langat river basin catchment advanced 2350 km2 that overlaying a substantial variety of South Selangor whilst inside the north the Selangor River’s vastfloodplains augmented 1,960 km2 (Abdul Jalil Hassan, 2006).Peat formation in Selangor took place on the river basins of Selangor River at the North and Langat River at theSouth. Peat covers 181502 ha out of 795780 ha of Selangor; 22.8%, of Selangor while of the 22.eight%, 57495 ha, are positioned on the South of the kingdom which incorporates the areas of Kuala Langat. Kuala Langat river basin catchment prolonged 2350 km². most of the pristine peat swamp forests have been cleared to make manner for agricultural development undertaking for the reason that Fifties and this, over time contributes to huge regions being left and deserted. these deserted lands pose threats to the environment in view that it is at risk of forest fires. some regions have suffered frequent fires and are ruled by herbaceous plant life with little tree regeneration.


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