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President Nixon went through a troubling period of time when he and his executive staff were found promoting criminal actions. This is known as the Watergate Scandal that was announced by The Washington Post on June 17, 1972. The minuscule story explained how five individuals were caught breaking into the Democratic National Committee (DNC) offices. The building itself that they broke into was called Watergate, thus creating the name of the scandal. When the men were arrested, the authorities found supplies that could take pictures of documents and tap into telephones.
Richard Nixon was a Republican candidate for the 1972 election, again. The United States was involved in the Vietnam war and many people took sides about the issue. Nixon was nothing but soft during his election and won over the hearts of many. However, Nixon cut corners and got his hands dirty in order to win the election. Then, the Watergate scandal was born. The story wasn’t fully developed and many people questioned the latest news, until the hard working detectives found the phone number to the White House in the burglars’ possession. Nixon quickly panicked and addressed the media in which he swore that he nor his committee would ever do such a thing. A landslide amount of people believed him and helped him to get re-elected in 1972.
The investigation began on the accusations against Nixon when a security guard, Frank Will, came forward about how there was tape blocking the doors from locking. This raised his suspicion and took the tape off. He didn’t realize that Nixon was behind all this but reported it to the authorities after the tape was then again placed back on the doors. He told the police and a brief search was done of the building. They found five members of Nixon’s staff inside the DNC office. The five were arrested and charged with burglary and abandoning the right to privacy. Then things got tricky with Nixon. With him knowing that his reputation was on the line, he called in the CIA. Nixon told them to mess with the investigation of the FBI. However, the CIA didn’t listen to Nixon. The White House and Nixon’s committee paid off Howard Hunt to be quiet about the whole situation. Nixon was also caught red handed when a tape of a conversation with John Dean was discovered.
  The revelation of Watergate Scandal made the people of America question their leader and gave them a reason to not trust the person they were supposed to. Nixon caused for an entire change with the eyes of the people so that they could not picture the government the same anymore. The scandal never ceased to die down and it is still present in today’s society.
  Congress took the aftermath of the scandal and turned it into a time for bill passing. A number of new laws were created due to Nixon’s disregard to them. The Sunshine Act was first created and it required all meetings within the government to be public and could not be kept in secret. This law was created because Nixon refused to give up the recordings of the meetings he had after the allegations. The Ethics in Government Act was also created. It stayed that all presidential candidates must make their precious financial and employment records public. This helped it ensure that a president could not obtain sketchy money to promote his or her own ideas. Nixon was dishonest, so Congress now forces all Presidents to provide where their money comes from.
The most important act that came from the Watergate Scandal was the Presidential Records Act. This stated that all the documents regarding the presidency must be kept in files. This would keep an ongoing file of the presidency. This act prevents the concealment of recordings or papers that would hurt National Security.
  The aftermath of the Watergate Scandal in the government was a landslide victory for the Democratic Party. They gained 49 seats in the House of Representatives and five seats in the Senate. The Democratic Party also had a 68% and 61% majority in the House of Representatives and Senate. This only lasted for the next four years and would eventually flip back to a Republican majority. Nixon resigned before the 1976 election and the incumbent President Gerald Ford went against Jimmy Carter. Carter won the election by a slim margin.
  Richard Nixon claimed that he didn’t not know anything about the break in until John Dean told him in 1973. The outcry from the public and the proof of the tapes showed that Nixon was a true liar. Many Republican leaders tried to get Nixon to step down from office, so Nixon was the first United States President to ever resign from the Executive Office. The outcome of the Watergate Scandal surprised the entire nation and led the nation into questioning the government. It also caused for the people to make an uproar about the secrecy of the government. The additions made by Congress and the rapid swing in the favorable Democratic Party showed how Nixon changed America and how he left a forever lasting mark on our country.


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