Public interesting. You meet new people and learn about

Public transportation system: Ever wondered if we didn’t have these affordable means of commute, how would we have survived in our jobs?  Apart from the other perks of public transportation services, only sitting in any vehicle, the journey is never not interesting. You meet new people and learn about the practical side of life. These buses, trains, and taxis help decrease the rate of traffic on the streets and keep the pollution at a minimum. It is a senior to all the new surrogates and has the essence no one has. Vast railway tracks, buses and vans everywhere the eyesight can see, subways spread out are all the proof that is needed to see the spectacular extension this service has.


While using the public transports, I am certain that you must have suffered through respectively mentioned traumas at some point in your life; waking up at the brink of dawn to catch the bus just to miss it by matter of seconds or going out to a party having in mind to be “fashionably late” but having your phone out of juice just as you pick it up to call a cab home and ending up being “embarrassing late”. Wonder how you rely on each and the other at certain times, how you call a cab when you miss the bus or otherwise for the counter situation? These are just some examples of how several companies providing a variety of transportation services and now Über have helped us daily in our lives for decades.

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There are a handful of differences that provide the uniqueness of the formerly mentioned transport services. Both are highly used means that each individual deems to dictate as more satisfying for their mode of travel. However, several transportation companies have a variety of fleet to meet our needs for several occasions and not just for a one off ride. These services, at the same time, provide us with the opportunities to be more organized and take care of our timelines and logistic requirements more efficiently. If we want to be hassle free, especially in a corporate environment and want someone to take care of minute details and timely requirements, then signing up with the transportation companies would definitely be a wiser choice.


Pondering over the similarities between the two, both the services are safe, spacious, sailing and simple modes of travel. Knowing the identification and information about the driver on your phone when you call them up to seize that ride settles the fear of the fate of your life for the time duration of the whole experience, knowing the person behind the wheel calms those radiations of anxiety. Also, you know he’s professional in his ways so you would not have to sweat about having your name is the newspaper’s headlines come the day next. You do not have to bump and swear and can even rest your eyes and not worry about the wallet in your right pocket being stolen! Air conditioner and silence can calm the anxiety for the job interview you’re going for and your hair would not be a bird’s nest by the time you reach your destination. Most of all, no need for a smartphone is there because the driver knows the city and its geography very well, so you should relax, prepare for your meeting while on the go and need not worry about being late to your important meeting.


Signing up with the transportation companies for their services, on the other hand, may be a little expensive but it’s more accommodating, fuel efficient and has an overall economic, cultural and ‘corporate’ importance. These companies claim to have professionally chauffeured fleet, accommodating up to three (3) passengers with at least one (1) piece of luggage for each one of them. The variety of fleet varies from Sedan, SUV, and Limousine including Van, Mini Bus and Motor Coach services. Not only their services cater to your daily needs, but also several other personal and professional corporate needs which you need to organize months in advance.


Value of the two transportation services is fathomless and neither can replace the other. It would be wise and clever to never compete the two for doing so would be a mistake as such the future of this world of technology could be disrupted.


Let’s just be grateful to those innovative Entrepreneurs who thought about our needs and aligned them with their business models. Thanks to these transportation services that we can focus more on our careers, on flourishing well in our personal and professional lives and performing our roles better instead of being caught up in daily commute issues all the time.


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