Rape risks: it happens with strong genetic influences. Also

Rape is an unlawful sexual activity and usually sexual intercourse carried out forcibly or under threat of injury against the will usually of a female or with a person who is beneath a certain age or incapable of valid consent — compare sexual assault, statutory rape according to the Merriam – Webster Dictionary. There are different ways on how and why people do this certain action. (Miller)

  Starting off with “nurture,” nature and nurture are related in the being of behavior. They do not operate in a separate way but interact in a complex manner. People’s behavior is mostly due to environmental factors. If a child was a victim to being sexually assaulted, it increases the chance of them doing the same thing to younger children. Sexual orientation is different from a strong genetic. It is the behavior in children and sexual dysfunction. (McLeod)

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  Family risks: it happens with strong genetic influences. Also with small shared family environmental effects on sexual offending. It has been found that men are the leading cause of substantial familial aggregation of sexual violence. The highest familial risk for first degree biological relatives are brothers and son-father dyads. (Långström)

  Psychology of nature vs. nurture: genetic inheritance and other biological factor are what we think when it comes to nature. When a person thinks of nurture they think of the exposure and experience someone has been through. Both these characteristics relatively contribute to the influence of human behavior. (McLeod)

  Sexual crime: it is obvious but with sex offenders, it is mainly men that are convicted. Approximately one-quarter of women and one-tenth of men report being a victim of sexual assault. This clearly show that women are unfortunately the bigger victims. People who sexual abuse another person usually are mentally ill and have went through sexual abuse. There have been prevention efforts for those that commit sexual abuse but that has not worked out very well. (Miller & Ditum)

 In contrast, in a psychoanalysis according to nature instate drives of sex and aggression. But with nature its social upbringing during childhood. Nativists believe in nature. It has to do with a person’s unique code. Empiricists also believe in nature and believe at birth the human minds a tabula rasa and lead to a result of experience. (McLeod)

 On the other hand, the rape gene: men who raped evolve because they get to have more benefits and advantages. They get more chance on having children that means their genes get passed on. If they get to sex more they are more fit to evolve. Men attracted to women based on their ability to have offspring and attractiveness. Women get attracted to men based on how much they can provide. (Begley)

 Rape is adaptation for evolution. It is an adaptation because males have much for partners than females so that they may evolve more by having more offspring. Men favor young and fertile women to reproduce. While women favor higher status richer men. Depending on the environment, women may look for sugar daddies because they know they can provide for them. Men might be promiscuous in order to have more children. When it comes to men and sexual fidelity, men care if a woman gets pregnant because of another man. It makes them feel like they have less chances of reproducing another child. (Begley)

  The behavior of a man is determined by environment, it all depends on how and where men grew up. It depends on what has been going on around their lives. Men have rape genes but it can only be totally triggered depending on what their environment is. (BegleyS


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