The been given to achieve the common goals of

The merger
of Daimler-Chrysler was said to be a merger of equal, but it failed because of
the cultural differences in the newly formed organization. The top-two car
manufactures could not focus on one’s strength to overcome other weakness.
Instead the Daimler tried to take over the Chrysler part of role by applying
German strategies in America. In which the Daimler president failed as they had
lack of knowledge regarding the U.S market and business culture of the American
company. As stated by (Miles, 2013) one company directly
trying to swap other always lead to some issues same was the scenario in the
case. Both the company’s employees and higher authorities co-operated together,
nor did they were willing to go with the new fluctuations for the merger they
always wanted to be in their comfort zones. when (demographic
organizational behaviour, 2009) book says u need to
take some harsh decision to save the losses. To avoid failure, the organization
should have planned in the pre-merger period where the case took 12 months
which could have been less or sufficient to understand the culture integration
the daily tasks, the common issues which could occur, a professional team could
have been appointed for few years till the company’s function were smooth. The
solution regarding language barriers, leadership, working style should have
been applied. The roadmap should have been given to achieve the common goals of
the company. The organization always failed to take advantage of the synergy
strategy from the business. The merger was one of the best decision as the
technology and innovation was together and involved $36 billion, but was a
truly failure because of the differences in cultures and the mismanagement of
the higher authorities which were mostly self-interested. If the things were pre-planned
and worked in a proper manner it would have been one of the successful merger
as the strengths and the reach of the customer of these companies were the
best. This case will surely give a lesson to other companies regarding the
mergers and how to do the best of its strength.



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