The , recruitment and induction : to provide information

The definition of Job description

Job description is simply summarize job’s duties and
requirements, and states the essential responsibilities of the job. Job
descriptions are differ from company to company. Job descriptions can take many
forms but they are typically have at least four parts:

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Job summary : this is an overview of the position,
with brief description of the most important functions, because this will be
the first thing applicant read.

List of job function:  this section comes with more detailed
description of duties.

Requirements section : list of important requirements
like education, certification , and experience necessary to do the job.

Other information : this section should provide any
other important information about the job position such as location, working
hours, travel requirements and so on.

‘book “job description handbook”
by Margie mader-clark’

The benefit of using job description

when it is the time to create new
position , job description make the task easy in hiring and interviewing the
right person. It lets the employees know exactly what they have to do in their
job. Job description help in determine what kind of  training employee needs to perform better and
improve the employees morale .Measure future performance. Job description
helping in terminate the employees who do not perform their job as it is , and
keep the employees who perform their job well. Job description help the company
plan for the future.  

The use of job description

job description sometimes
considered as usual document for new staff , subsequently put in desk drawers
and largely forgotten. Over the time jobs change, duties change or disappear.
but the original job description stay the same not updated. Job description can
use as interview tool by build set of interview question based on job
requirements. Job description can be 
used to market your job online and attract the talented candidates who
use networking sites.

clearly job descriptions designed
to the particular objectives for which they are to be used, are an important
elements in three personnel processes in each of which they serve several aims
, these processes are:

Selection, recruitment and induction Performance management Job evaluation  

description for selection , recruitment and induction :

to provide information necessary in determining the
selection criteriatell the applicant about the nature of the job ensure that the new staff understand the main purpose of
the job and its position in the organization.

There are two
basic documents forms for effective selection and criteria :

job description which sets out the main duties and tasks
of the job person specification which sets out the person’s skills,
knowledge and education

The selection
criteria must be realistic in relation to the nature of the job.

Job description for performance
management :

In appraisal
system there are objectives that are set and assess either task-focused which
is relating to the job, or employee- focused which is relation to training and

description can be used as checklist for considering performance in the job as
a whole.

Job description for job
evaluation :

There are
several job evaluation ways and all rely for their validity on build the
evaluations soundly on true information about jobs. job descriptions provide
the main source of this information, although their format and content differ
with the kind of job evaluation scheme being used. 



description as management tool

descriptions give you the main role of the employee , specific details about
the job. As a management tool it gives the important information to access if
an employee is doing that job perfectly. It also serves as the standard of work
that employees are required to perform. if the roles of job is clearly defined,
it will allow  the manager to be
straightforward about the employees performance whether their performing right
or wrong, also protect employee to fall in many mistakes  . Job descriptions help the manager to create
performance criteria to identify what deficiencies that employees have, and
help them to correct them.


Job description
as HR management tool

A job
description is a basic HR management tool that can help to raise employee and
company effectiveness. The HR board has developed job profiles for key
positions in small organizations that are available and adapt to use for your
own use.

a clear and
good job description help all employee to understand :

•Their tasks
and responsibilities

•The relative
importance of their duties

•How their
job contribute to the mission, goals and aims of the company

A good job
description for organization contributes in its effectiveness by:

that the work handled by employees is goes with the organization’s mission

management clearly identify the most suitable staff for new duties and
realigning workloads.


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