Unnai a major role in the film as well.

Unnai Pol Oruvan

pol Oruvan is a Tamil crime – thriller directed by Chakri Toleti. The movie
features Kamal Hassan, Mohan Lal and Ganesh Venkatram in the lead roles. The
movie was a remake of the Hindi film A Wednesday. The movie had its worldwide
release on 18 September 2009. The film was also remade in Telugu as Eenadu and
dubbed into Malayalam as Oru Buthankizhancha.

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pol Oruvan was produced by Kamal Hassan’s home production Raj Kamal films. UTV
Motion Picture, distributed the film across the globe.

was decided that Kamal Hassan will be featuring as the main role in the film. On
seeing the performance of Ganesh Venkatram in his debut, he was roped in the
film for portraying the role of Arif Khan a police officer. Bharath Reddy a
Telegu artist was also roped into the film for the character of Sethu. On a
later point, it was also confirmed that Mohan Lal will be playing a major role
in the film as well.

Pol Oruvan begun the filming process on 6 February 2009. The film finished its
shooting in 65 days. There were also speculations in April 2009 that the film
has changed its title to Unnai Pol Oruvan from Thaalaivan Irukiran. But in 2012
it was confirmed that Thaalaivan Irukiran was an entirely different project and
had no relation to Unnai Pol Oruvan.

film was earlier planned to be released on 12 August 2009. This was planned so
that the release would coincide with the release of Kalathur Kannama marking
the entry of Hassan in to the film industry 50 years ago. But however due to
technical issues the release was postponed to 18 September 2009. The film was
granted a U/A by the CBFC board mainly owing to the content based on terrorism.

film was well appreciated by the movie critics and were given positive
feedbacks. The film was also well received by the audience. The film collected
a massive sum of ?500 Million at the world wide box office.




Cast of the movie

Kamal Hassan as Common Man

Mohan Lal as I G R Marar

Lakshmi as Chief Secretary

Ganesh Venkatram as Arif Khan

Bharath Reddy as Sethuraman

Anuja Iyer as Natasha Rajkumar

Poonam Kaur as Anu Sethuraman

Anand Krishnamorrthy as Arun Hacker

Sriman as Arivandh Adhavar

Prem as Zakria

Santhana Bharathy as Karamchand Lala

Crew of the movie

Producers – Kamal Hassan, Chandra
Hassan, Ronnie Screvewala

Director – Chakri Toleti

Story and Screenplay writing – Neeraj
Pandey, Kamal Hassan

Dialogue writer – E R Murugan

Music Director – Shruthi Hassan

Cinematography – Manoj Soni

Editor – Rameshwar. S. Bhagat

Lyrics – Kamal Hassan, Manushiyaputhiran

Awards received

            Unnai Pol Oruvan was nominated for
two categories in the Film Fare Awards South. Kamal Hassan was nominated for
the best actor and Anuja Iyer was nominated for the best supporting character.
Unfortunately, the film has not won awards in any of the category.





About Chakri Toleti

            Chakri Toleti is an Indian American
screen writer, director and actor. He was born on April 20, 1981. He is best
known for his works in Tamil and Telugu cinema. Chakri Toleti has done his
graduation from University of Central Florida with his majors being Film and
VFX. Chakri Toleti made his acting debut with Telugu Film Sagar Sangam. He has
acted over 15 films. He made his directional Debut with the remake of the Hindi
Film “A Wednesday” in Tamil as Unnai Pol Oruvan. He has also directed another
Tamil film Billa 2. Few of his films are in the production process and are
scheduled to be released in 2018.

Plot of the Movie

dismissed police officer Marar, explains the reason for his termination because
of a common man through voice over. An unnamed man, places a travel bag in a
City bus, a train at Central Railway station and a shopping mall strategically.
He then goes to Anna Salai police station to file an FIR about his missing
purse. He enters the restroom and places another travel bag in the toilet under
the wash basin. He then comes to an under construction building’s roof top and
sets up some gadgets and equipment.

calls up Marar, the Chennai city police commissioner and informs him that there
has five bombs planted in the city at different locations and says that these
bombs will explode simultaneously. The common man, demands to interact with a
senior government official who will have full control over the situation. The
common man, then calls up Natasha a journalist and asks her to go to Anna salai
police station immediately.

seeks the help of the chief secretary to act as the negotiator. Marar, also
asks his technical team to tap down the phone lines and arranges to trace the
caller. The commissioner, initially thinks that the caller is bluffing. His
doubts are cleared when the caller reveals that the first bomb is at the Anna
salai police station. There, bomb squad detect and diffuse the bomb. Natasha,
reaches the location and reports about the incident.

chief secretary finds the situation to be disturbing and suggest that they
should take it up to the chief minister. Marar, does not agree to this. The two
of them get into a heated argument and the chief secretary appoints Marar as
the negotiator from the state’s side and gives him the full authority to
control the situation and also undisrupted power for one day.

caller, calls Marar and asks who will be interacting with him. Marar says that
he will be interacting form the state’s side. Marar asks the caller about the
locations of the other bombs. The caller says that he will reveal the locations
on fulfilling his demands. He asks Marar to release three terrorist and one
arms seller who were arrested by him three years ago. He demands that the terrorist
needs to be dropped at sozhavaram air strip.

technical people of Marar come to a conclusion that the caller is using
advanced technology to switch numbers and location of the phone every minute
and it is impossible to track the location. They advise Marar to appoint
specialised hacker to track the detail of the caller and Marar agrees. They
hire an IIT dropout.

sub inspector from the Anna salai police station arrives at the commissioner
office. He says he received the complaint from the person and helps the
commissioner to make the facial composite of the caller.

agrees to the caller’s demand. The caller asks Marar to send two of his best
officers with the terrorist. He says that the officer’s phone should have
speaker facility and also conferencing facility. Marar gives the responsibility
of handing over the terrorist to Arif Khan and Sethuraman. The two police
officers take the terrorist to the sozhavaram airstrip in a truck.

reaching the destination, the caller makes a conference call to Arif and Sethu
and asks them to put the phone in speaker mode to interact with the terrorist.
The caller checks the identity of the terrorist and also asks them if they were
medicated by the police men. The caller instruct the police men to remove the
handcuffs. The caller asks the terrorist to go and sit in the jeep at a
distance in a particular order and says they will have further instructions in
the jeep and ends the call.

decides to break the order of the caller and keeps Abdullah with him. Sethu
advices him not to so but Arif drags Abdullah. The other three enter the jeep
and start the jeep but unexpectedly the jeep blasts. The caller knows that
Abdullah is alive. The caller threatens that he will blast the bombs across the
city if Arif and Sethu doesn’t kill Abdullah. Chief Secretary gets tensed and
says that the situation needs to be informed to the Chief Minister. Marar
disagrees and says that he will face the consequences and orders Arif to kill
Abdullah. Arif shoots Abdullah. Sethu shoots Arif in the hand to make it look
like an act for self-defence.

caller confirms to Marar that there are no more bombs left in the city and he
was lying about the bombs. He says that if terrorism is instant, justice also
needs to be instant.

asks the hacker to trace the location of the caller but the hacker refuses. But
Marar, spots the caller’s location on the system and leaves to that place. In
the meantime, the caller destroys all his gadgets and equipment’s with the help
of a mini bomb. As he leaves the location Marar catches up with him. They both
shake hands.

a voice over, Marar says that the caller told him his real name, but does not
reveal it. He also accepts that all the other officers framed him to escape
from the situation and he got terminated. He says that the caller was disturbed
by the environment in the country but none though that someone would go to this
extent. He says that there can be no records found on the incident it will only
remain in the memories of the people who witnessed it. He says that he
personally feels that whatever happened was only for the best.

Genre of the movie

            Unnai Pol Oruvan is a Crime Thriller
movie. A thriller film is characterised by the certain mood that the film
offers. They give the viewer extreme feeling of suspense, excitement,
anticipation and anxiety. A crime film generally, revolves around a criminal
and their motives. Unnai pol Oruvan is a perfect blend of crime and thriller


            The main objective of analysing the
movie Unnai Pol Oruvan would be to have insights into the sociological aspects,
Political aspects and communistic views conveyed in the movie. The research
will also have an analysis of the technical aspects involved in the movie like
sets, lighting, editing, sound, acting and costumes.












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